StyleMe Virtual Mirror, designed by The Team for Cisco.
There have been many attempts at virtual fashion mirrors that show clothes overlaid our own image. The Cisco version came out of a project exploring in store digital experiences for John Lewis, In collaboration with CinStore and Aitech, a spin off from Barcelona University, Cisco worked with the team to develop the user interface for this gesture based system.Just a start but an exciting new form of user interaction made possible by the revolution in 3D imaging.


Orange Handset Homescreen
First version of Orange User Interface now standard on Orange handsets, improving usability and loyalty to the brand. Original design by Icon Mobile

OrangeWorld mobile portal, for WAP and internet. The first Orange portal design, successfully rolled out across all Orange countries since 2004. Designed by IconMobile, Berllin

Orange web look and feel, a single web experience for the merging of the Orange and Wanadoo brands, designed with LBI, launched 2006.


The next generation of internet experiences will exploit Rich Media. In Paris I have been exploring new interface concepts for key web self serve, care, help and shop that improve usability and create more emotional, intuitive and beautiful interactions. Design by LBI, London