Orange Product Design language, design by Sam Hecht, Industrial Facility
Orange develop a surprisingly wide range of products, designing or sourced from manufacturers. I wanted to develop a design strategy for all Orange products that reflected the brand values so whilst based in Paris I set up a research program to establish the link between product and user interface design to overall brand recognition and customer perception of quality and usability. It seemed obvious to me that there was a link but sometimes it is necessary to prove these things.
 New York, Orange's first own design and branded mobile. Design by Native and built by Amoi in China, this phone was designed as the first step in developing a range of handsets with core Orange DNA at their heart, across product and user interface design. This one is based on a previously released phone Amoi designed for me at Orange called Berlin, but many more radical and innovative ideas were developed for next generation models.

The research showed that there was a very positive customer reaction to consistent product and user interface design and this was a powerful communicator of brand values. I then commissioned Sam Hecht to design a variety of Orange products to then re-test and measure the improvement in perception of Orange products. 
Sam's designs combine simplicity and practicality whilst connecting a very diverse range of products together. The customer reaction was fantastic, as Apple understand very well, people value design higher than many executives realise.


TAG Mclaren Aphrodite Music System, F1 Audio Speakers and Amplifier, 2000
Bonkers but incredible hi-fi. All in one CD tuner and amp, aimed directly at B&O. The design challenge at TAG McLaren was to turn the brand values of TAG and Mclaren into something tangible, that you would believe would bleed engine oil if you cut it. This product, however, tries to be more feminine and is softer and less aggressive than the pure audio products.
Working with speaker designer Graham Landick, and starting with a concept from F1 Mclaren designer Peter Stevens, I hacked at foam in a cold warehouse in Huntingdon to perfect these ever changing surface speakers, constructed from slate filled composite and carbon fibre. Despite costing 20,000€, they sold as many as they could make and they sounded amazing.

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Samsung Design Language, myself, Mark Delaney and Clive Goodwin
As part of the  future strategy project I set up at Samsung, we began to explore how we could be innovative through user insight rather than technology. This keyboard is for use on your lap, rather than a flat surface, angled for use when sitting and folds up, leaving the basic navigation exposed.

Maxview Mobile

Maxview Auto antenna.
This was one of a series of products designed for Maxview. This TV aerial is designed for multidirectional reception.