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This is my personal web site in which you can find some of the things I have worked on, articles I have written and links to talks I have made on the topic of design.

Originally a product designer I have created and led teams across user interface and customer experience. In November 2013 I joined Barclays as customer experience director working with design and innovation projects across the bank.

I am a trustee of The RSA (Royal Society of Arts), Merton Music Foundation, visiting professor at Glasgow School of Art and External Examiner on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art.

Since becoming involved in usability and the design of technology, there have been huge improvements in the ease and accessibility to technology provided experiences, led by the design approach of Apple and a new generation of designers in control of technology. However, it is still a daily experience that we find badly designed examples of technology and customer experiences that fail. We still live in a world that is incredibly poorly designed and as the digital future unfolds, it has never been more important to design accessible, simple and beautiful experiences. 

The good news is that businesses and government realise that their huge investments are at risk if they don't design better services and interfaces. Design, as a people centric creative approach, is critical to delivering successful services and technology, though is still perceived as something "emotional" and arty. Right brain thinking is needed more than ever to balance left brain analytical decision makers...

I am speaking at a few events in the next few months and will link to them soon.

Over the last couple of years I have spoken at several European design conferences. Here are some examples, from the 2012 "The Conference" in Malmo, Sweden:
Malmo speech
A talk I gave in Oslo 6 years ago at the Norwegian Design Council's conference on Inclusive Design is a very complete version of my presentation "Lipstick on a Pig"
You can see the full thing here
Lipstick on a Pig or the short, pecha kutcha version for Brunel University at: Pecha Kuscha Lipstick

When my first boss and a giant of design Bill Moggridge died in September 2012 I wrote the RSA obituary of Bill and you can read it

You can read about the start of
tangerine and the role of Jonathan Ive in the book "Jony Ive" by Leander Kahney and published by Penguin. At the start of 2012 we celebrated Jonathan Ive's knighthood and later in the year the top award at the D&AD awards, where he bought over 17 of his design team. His achievements at Apple and his partnership with Steve Jobs have changed the way we live. It's a long time since I first met him, when he was a student in Newcastle, and for three years he was my business partner at tangerine, where we first got to work for Apple. An extraordinarily creative person, a brilliant designer with the desire to tame technology for our purposes and now with the responsibility to lead Apple in post Steve Jobs era, there could be no better person to do so.

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